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The New

Attach a Rack
MSR Series Of Mobility Scooter Carrier Racks

A brand new low cost convenient Mobility Scooter transport solution.
No more need for trailers, expensive vehicle conversions, lifts or large awkward ramps,
cumbersome dismantling and/or boot loading & unloading.
The new ATTACHARACK MSR series of carrier racks offers you an open flat bed cargo area,
hitch, tow ball mounted to the rear of your vehicle to load your Mobility Scooter, secure and go.
Now anywhere your vehicle can go, you and your Mobility Scooter can go too.

Scooter can be loaded from either side of rack, kerbside (recommended) to reduce gradient.

Sensible, easy and convenient low loading, unloading, roll on, roll off rack height.

Attach a Rack

MSR1 ATTACHARACK Weight = 20kg
Maximum UDL load area MSR1 = 1230mm x 610mm
Tow Bar Receiver Socket = 1kg
Removable Loading Ramps x 2 =
820mm Long x 155mm Wide, 2.5kg each
Static load tested 400kg UDL
Attach a Rack

Removable, Vehicle Stowable
Loading Ramps

Once the mounting plate is securely bolted to the vehicle in-between your tow ball and face flange, the ATTACHARACK MSR can be easily fitted and/or removed in seconds.

Your ATTACHARACK can be secured against opportunist theft with a padlock if required.

There are no bulky storage issues, simply remove in seconds, up end and store away when not in use.

No Tow Bar fitted to your vehicle?
Then consider the low cost, freedom and convenience to have one fitted!

Prices from £ 348.00 + VAT

Important Liability Information

We consider ourselves to be responsible manufacturers and suppliers and therefore advise prior to purchase and fitting the ATTACHARACK MSR that you check your vehicle's tow bar maximum static vertical load MSVL and also your tow ball manufacturer's MSVL and consider the combined weight of both the ATTACHARACK MSR and the intended load to establish correct MSVL loading conformity.

There are many variations and varying qualities of fitted flange type tow bars from OEM to aftermarket non-branded makes and designs some of which may not be suitable (*swan neck, detachable for example) for fitting and use of this rack, therefore Leigh Safes, SD2U, ATTACHARACK will not, and cannot be held responsible or liable for any misuse or damage to your tow bar, vehicle or third party. The purchase, fitting, installation, use and operation therefore is entirely at the purchaser's, vehicle owner's and/or operator's assumed and accepted risk.

Please use responsibly and ensure correct and secure fitting, loading and transport at all times with the use of appropriate duty load tie down and securing straps (not included). The use of complimentary/additional lighting board and registration number plate display may be necessary when using this rack even if not included.

ATTACHARACK & SD2U are trading names of Leigh Safes Ltd

Tel: 01702 468988 or 01702 464546

Leigh Safes reserve the right to alter or change fittings, colours, and measurements in line with their constant improvement and development programmes.

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